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Foaming Systems

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LESSCO Foaming Systems allow our customers to save money and create higher quality products by diluting the overall density of adhesives and coatings with AIR!

The injection and homogenization of AIR into water based compounds results in:

  • 20% - 50% Reduction in Compound Usage and Costs
  • Reduction in Water Content - FASTER DRYING TIME
  • More Evenly Distributed Coatings
  • Better Insulation Properties
  • Lighter Weight

    LESSCO has been innovating new foaming technology for over 30 years! From simple manual style machine to highly accurate fully automated foaming systems LESSCO has your requirements covered.

Carpet & Textile LATEX & COATINGS


    LESSCO's New TS-1000 & TS-5000 Series Foamers were REDESIGNED from the ground up, based on an OPEN ARCHITECTURE; This together with the Industries FIRST REMOTE CONTROL/DIAGNOSTICS Creates The Standard in Consistent Shear Foam/Froth Generators

Paper & Boxboard ADHESIVES

New TS-2500M & TS-2500 AUTO FOAMER



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